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Art Work Requirements

Logo Requirements and Artwork. Or simply send us all your information and we will make paper proofs for you. 

All hard hats require a vectorized logo for printing. You will be provided a proof to approve or modify before printing. All modifications will require a signed proof approval before printing.

Acceptable Adobe Illustrator Files

  • .eps
  • .ai

Vector Logos

All hard hats require a vectorized logo for printing. Vector art consists of lines and curves that are mathematically defined objects. When viewing art in keyline mode you can see the points or vectors connecting your lines and curves. They can also be seen when using the pen tool or editing the points along a path. Vector art is ideal for type and drawn shapes because they can be enlarged to any size while maintaining crisp outlines and details without sacrificing quality. The distance between the vectors is calculated mathematically and is not dependent upon resolution.

Logo Conversion Fees

If you do not have an acceptable file, we offer a vectorization service to recreate most logos for *$30. You will receive a copy of the logo file once it is completed. Payment must be received prior to us recreating your logo in a vector format.


 TrueType fonts are preferred.Convert all text to outlines. If this is not possible, please provide all fonts. 


CMYK or RGB files are acceptable. The Graphics Department will convert the images into the correct color space for the specific output device. We recommend using generic CMYK or Adobe RGB 1998. If you would like a specific color to be matched, you must supply a pantone (Pantone) color. Some colors are more likely to be achieved due to device limits, however, all Pantone colors are matched to their best possible interpretation for the specific output device. Hard copies, print outs, and photos can also be used as targets for color matching. All critical color matches need to be specifically called out in the file and by e-mail or written instructions.

•  Colors such as fluorescents, neon’s, and metallics cannot be replicated.


* Per Color